A Thirsty Thursday with creativity, talented professionals and gin: Multiplicity London

Last Thursday was a day to celebrate communication, design and all the possibilities that creativity can give us. The Creative Leap team had the pleasure of attending Multiplicity, an event promoted by Foilco with guests Rick Banks from Face37, Thomas and George from Mother Design, Paul Belford, and Verònica Fuerte from Hey Studio. As an initiative to support the creative community, Multiplicity London brought together the line-up of speakers and the evening started with good news from Matt Hornby from Foilco: The event raised last Thursday £4000 for SHP, a charity that prevents homelessness.

Rick Banks, Graphic Designer at Face 37 on the importance of ideas

Banks is the graphic designer, publisher and type designer behind Face 37. He shared some of his flagship projects like the 2018 D&AD annual, Football Type, and typefaces designed for Footlocker, BHF and the hosts, Foilco. Banks stressed the importance of ideas, the difference they make to any project and the principle that ideas are more memorable and can be sold to clients easier. 

George and Thomas making their mothers proud

Mother Design is the branding arm of Mother, the global ad agency. George and Thomas showed projects most notably from the BBC, Debenhams and Baileys. The latter is a successful example of how they managed to turn the Irish cream from ‘girls drinking in night clubs’ to an indulgent treat for people to enjoy at home in their pyjamas while watching Netflix. They also shared the Mother ‘holy trinity’: "Do the best work we possibly can, have fun and the third and last: make a living. Always in that order." An important theme was the partnership between advertising creatives and graphic designers and the increasing collaboration between both sides. It has become almost impossible to ignore the need for agencies that do both design and advertising to develop meaningful solutions for clients.

Paul Belford and creative opportunities

Belford started by describing his agency as a creative company in the broadest sense. The introduction was followed by a question: "If you are creative, why just being a Designer, why just being a Creative Director?"Paul also emphasised that there is always an opportunity to do something clever, like layering an idea upon another like playing with coffee rings to make the word coffee and using other media like a stencil to promote a book.

"It's a joy to work with people from other disciplines"
Paul Belford

As an observation and a request to designers was to leave a bit of room for creativity when writing brand guidelines. This helps to avoid repetition and the ‘sea of sameness’ when creating a company’s advertising campaigns. 

Verònica Fuerte: colour, movement and boldness

Verònica Fuerte, Founder & Creative Director at Hey Studio was the last speaker on Thursday. Fuerte showed some of the principles they apply to their studio: Colour – and how a colour tells a story – and Boldness – and how the attitude adds personality to projects.

"If you want to go fast go alone. if you want to go far go together"
African Proverb

Among colourful and bold projects, Verònica presented the creative process behind the art direction of Arrels, a footwear brand for the urban market. Arrels means "roots" in English and the design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth.

Finally, the event itself proved to be much more than a social gathering with designers drinking craft beer, gin and eating pies. The event recognized the quality of great design, celebrated the current creative effervescence and showed how collaboration, debate and constant update is essential.