Five ways to drive engagement and innovation in healthcare marketing

At Creative Leap, every business we’ve ever worked with claims to want to put the consumer at the heart of their engagement and innovation strategy.

In reality however, too many businesses still start with a brand or product-centric approach to insight. This is not surprising given the regulated environment in which the healthcare industry operates, but all too often this approach ends up pre-selecting the response the consumer will give; received wisdom is validated and brand myths prevail.

At Creative Leap, we believe that in order to drive meaningful difference, preference and loyalty, brands and businesses need to first be clear about consumer needs in a category and competitive context and then review how, and if, their brand can adapt and evolve to meet those needs.

To achieve maximum impact, any positioning or innovation program should try to follow a five-point process:

1) Start with the consumer and the category, not your current received wisdom based on a brand-centric view of the world.

2) Find out how consumers navigate the category and their wants and needs. Discover where current offerings (including your own) are letting them down and seek out needs that are not being catered for.

3) Work with consumers to understand and co-create their ideal brand promise, experience, visual language and navigational semiotics. Then carefully cross-check these against your current equities and activation activities.

4) Carefully align your brand with the insights that best match your own promise and presentation.

5) Be ruthless in ensuring that all marketing activity retains a clear line of sight between the original consumer insight and the subsequent brand promise.

Start with these five points and we believe you’ll see a real difference when you come to roll your strategy out to the market. It worked for us! After receiving five nominations at the recent OTC Marketing Awards, we won Best new OTC packaging design for Perfect 7and were Highly commended for Best new OTC packaging design for Sudafed.

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