Five minutes with... Sammi Ferhaoui

Tell us about your role at Creative Leap

I am an Account Manager at Creative Leap. I have a range of health and wellbeing clients under my stewardship and work with our excellent creative team to ensure that we develop highly-effective creative solutions.

What's the biggest/most exciting challenge in the pharma/wellbeing/beauty industry for the coming year?

Wellness and how it is currently defined. By some estimations, the wellness industry has grown by 12.5% in the last couple of years (that’s almost as twice as fast as the global economic growth). It will be fascinating to see how this develops in the coming years and the extent to which it influences common culture and collective attitudes to health and wellbeing. 

Who's branding do you most admire and why?

Guinness. There are few brands that have nailed distinctiveness so deftly; the harp, the glass, the black and white - all of these are cues that are constantly reinforced by clever marketers across every relevant touchpoint from the beer mats to the TV ads. The ‘virtue of patience’ creative vehicle, as employed in the iconic ‘Surfer’ campaign, provides a link between the functional reality of the product and the emotional satisfaction that one experiences in lifting a pint of the good stuff!

What's the best business advice you've been given? 

‘If you want loyalty, get a dog.’ I’m not sure where this quote comes from but I think it’s a dryly humorous comment on the idea that brands can achieve any substantial sense of loyalty from consumers outside of long-term buying patterns driven by habit and convenience.

What's your guilty pleasure?

McDonald's, specifically the Big Mac meal. It’s cheap and it tastes good.