Defining brand architecture for business advantage

At Creative Leap we are often asked to help clients define or refine their overall brand, product or services architecture, so we thought it might be useful to share some of the key principles that we recommend to underpin a robust model. 

Firstly, brand architecture only has two key functions:

  • To help customers find their way around your brand and get to the heart of your product and service offering.
  • To foreground a new or repositioned brand, product or service proposition to ensure it stands out and is noticed by your target audience.

At its core, therefore, brand architecture is about improving navigation, understanding and relevance among your target audience.

With this in mind, there are a number of key principles that should be adhered to when developing an architecture program:

  • Understand your audience. Your brand, product, range and service architecture should be clearly aligned with your customer segmentation model.
  • Future-proof the solution. Your architecture must take account of your overall brand ambition and far horizon innovation and NPD pipeline development.
  • Don't confuse proliferation with innovation. Ensure that your product and services architecture matches distinct consumer need-states derived from your segmentation model rather than a proliferation of indistinct, overlapping propositions.
  • Interrogate the semiotics. Understand how customers navigate the market or category and develop clear customer relevant visual and verbal signposting to aid navigation.
  • Recalibrate against your strategic intent. Ensure that the architecture has a clear line of sight back to the market opportunity, target customer and overall brand or business strategy.

By making your strategy ‘visible’ through coherent product and services architecture you will maximise the opportunity to build awareness, interest and engagement with both existing and prospective customers.

Our recent rebranding work for Smiths News PLC is a good example of this. By rebranding the organisation to Connect Group the organisation can now clearly demonstrate its diversification strategy to the investment community within a newly created divisional and financial reporting structure.

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Creative Leap has been shortlisted for its work with Connect Group at the upcoming Transform Awards Europe.