Coverage to Kill for

‘A cheap new super strength tablet could give relief to millions of arthritis sufferers’ said the Daily Mail front-page article last week.

The online article explains more about the product formulation and mode of action and advantages over standard ibuprofen.

Having had the opportunity to lead the team here at Creative Leap that worked with Infirst Healthcare to bring the brand to market, I can attest that the clinical trial results are impressive, both in terms of the scale of the study and the outcomes in relation to desired clinical end points.

Simplifying the often complex messages both in terms of professional marketing and training materials and initial consumer online activation is concisely communicated in our campaign end line ‘When joint pain flares, choose Flarin.

The distinctive illustration based visual identity helps set the brand apart from its key competitors and communicates an approachable and empathetic brand personality.

Launch coverage like this in the national press gives me confidence that Flarin will go on to have the commercial success the brand so richly deserves.

Well done to everyone at Infirst. Who says you can’t innovate in OTC when you have the right team and the right resources?